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Lewis C Sanders
Lewis C Sanders

About Me

I am a tenacious real estate agent who offers quality service and is diligent in my fudiciary obligation to my clients, providing education and information about the process of buying or selling real estate. I go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transaction. I have been in the business of finance and real estate for several years. My background is in business communications where I learned how help others avhieve their goals and establish good relationships as a serviceman to the community of which I was barbershop business owner for 21years. There I developed my skill through helping my clients as I entered the mortgage industry with Hilltp Financial , which leads to my career as a licensed real estate professional. I service the Central Valley and also the Bay Area. While being involved in real estate, I have learned my clients are number one in priority, I love and appreciate this business. I specialize in selling homes for Top Value. When it comes to listing your home, I'm great with negotiating and I'm also your homebuying specialist, your go to agent!

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